Community Information Network for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

Changes to Infolinx

Last Updated: December 2012

A number of changes have been to Infolinx. What these changes mean to you:

Searching for information on Infolinx

The Infolinx website has been closed down. All information that was displayed on the Infolinx website can now be found on the Leicestershire Connect website.

Update organisations listed on Infolinx

Please go to the Infolinx Updates website if you wish to directly update any of your information held within Infolinx.

We will be contacting existing record owners over the next few weeks to give them full access details for the Infolinx Updates website.

Websites that link to Infolinx

Any links to information on the Infolinx website will no longer work because of the closure of the site. The majority of information that was displayed on the Infolinx website is available on the Leicestershire Connect website so sites can update their links.

Further questions

Please contact us if you have any further questions